The Brief

Designing a new Target Operating Model

Bury Council’s “Let’s Do It” 10-year plan, launched in 2020, is a transformative initiative aimed at optimising resources, enhancing public services, and revitalising local areas in Greater Manchester. With a vision to create an exceptional living, working, studying, and recreational environment, the council seeks to foster economic growth, improve infrastructure, promote sustainability, and engage the community in shaping a vibrant and prosperous future for Bury and its surrounding areas. They aim to enhance Council-wide services through innovative digital solutions and improved workflows. By adopting new ways of working and utilising data insights, they intend to create a more customer-centric approach, streamlining services, improving colleague experiences, and continuously innovating to serve the community better. We were appointed to work with the organisation to reshape its IT and digital & function and ensure alignment with the delivery of Bury’s strategic plan.

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