This comprehensive and holistic service is focused on developing both individuals and organisations. ‘Advance’ encompasses various aspects of personal and professional growth, leadership development, and organisational improvement. Here’s a breakdown of what we help with:

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Critical Friend Support

Critical Friend Support forms the cornerstone of our service, encompassing a rich array of offerings designed to catalyse both personal and organisational growth. Through the infusion of motivational interviewing, leadership acumen, and stewardship skills, we empower teams with the tools needed to reach their potential. We stand not only as a strong pillar of support but also as agents of constructive challenge, propelling improvement, change, transformation, and innovation. Our dedicated coaching and mentoring initiatives pave the path for individuals to not only navigate but excel in their endeavours towards change and transformation. By nurturing leadership skills and fostering a shared vision among staff, we create a harmonious synergy that permeates the organisation, ultimately giving rise to a culture defined by empowerment and seamless collaboration.

Thought Leadership & Development

Our Thought Leadership Training and Development program is a dynamic initiative poised to ignite transformative change across all tiers of your organisation. We extend a guiding hand to diverse staff cohorts, ranging from Executive teams to dynamic change implementation teams and operational service delivery teams. We ensure that perspectives align in the pursuit of organisational change, improvement and continued innovation. By imparting our proven methods, collateral, and strategic approaches, we empower individuals to spearhead self-directed initiatives, enabling a culture that thrives on ownership. At the core of this program lies the forging of a shared understanding and a unified approach to effective business processes, dispelling misconceptions that hinder change progress. Through this initiative, we encourage collective knowledge sharing to fuel streamlined, efficient practices, and help them to cascade across your organisation.

Change delivery training & development

Change Delivery Training and Development seamlessly integrates with our best-in-class, standardised methodology, we provide a roadmap to navigate the complex terrain of change and transformation. Our commitment extends beyond theory, as we equip internal staff with meticulously crafted project and change delivery toolkits and training, enabling the competence and confidence needed to steer change initiatives. Breaking free from the confines of bureaucratic obstacles, we unleash the power of self-sufficiency, enabling organisations to cultivate their internal talent without the constraints of red tape. Moreover, recognising the nuanced DNA of each organisation, we meticulously tailor our methodologies and toolkits, ensuring a seamless alignment with their exact needs. Through this bespoke approach, we empower organisations to harness change as a force of evolution, adaptability, and long-term growth.

All the above are aimed at fostering self-sufficiency, leadership growth, and positive change within organisations. By offering critical friend support, thought leadership training, and project and change delivery training, we help to reduce change failure and enable organisations to adapt, evolve, and innovate while empowering their own teams to lead future change initiatives.

Executive Peer Support Network

Executive Peer Support Network: Experience a profound shift in your business’s trajectory with the transformative power of the Executive Peer Support Network. Immerse yourself in an ecosystem where business leaders converge to catalyse growth and innovation. Forge enduring relationships with seasoned professionals and decision-makers from diverse industries, amplifying your network and opening doors to new opportunities. Our meticulously curated peer discussions and roundtable sessions serve as vibrant environments for the exchange of insights, best practices, and battle-tested strategies. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted challenges that businesses encounter today and uncover solutions that have been proven to work.

Dive into dynamic workshops led by subject matter experts, delving into pivotal topics such as change management, leadership dynamics, technological integration, and more. Immerse yourself in an environment where creativity flourishes and novel ideas are embraced and nurtured, fostering an atmosphere ripe for innovation. From blueprints to success stories, our network is a repository of wisdom. Explore documented case studies and engage with best practices shared by peers who’ve overcome challenges. Harness this knowledge to craft solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique circumstances, mitigating risks, optimising processes, and amplifying service quality.

It's a Continuous Journey

What sets us apart is the resolute focus on actionable outcomes. Every interaction and every session is geared towards arming you with tools, strategies, and insights that translate directly into measurable progress. Whether it’s minimising bottlenecks in service delivery, nurturing a more agile company culture, or cultivating unparalleled customer experiences, you’ll depart each engagement equipped to effect transformative change.

But the Executive Peer Support Network isn’t just about moments in time; it’s a continuous journey. Our thriving online community extends beyond sessions, offering an ongoing forum for engagement, idea exchange, and support. In addition, our periodic events and conferences provide a stage for deeper exploration, giving you access to people in various industries and unveiling the next stage of business evolution.

Join us and equip yourself not only with insights and ideas but also with the tools to wield change effectively within your organisation. Reimagine your business’ potential, harness the collective intelligence, and craft your legacy amid ever-changing dynamics.

Advice on-tap

Introducing our innovative “Advice On-Tap” pay-as-you-go advisory service – a dynamic and transformative solution that redefines the way you access expert guidance and solutions precisely when you need them. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, we understand the need for flexibility, and that’s precisely what this service offers. Crafted to align seamlessly with the modern pace of business, “Advice On-Tap” is your on-demand advisory partner, always ready to assist individuals and organisations alike.

Our service grants you effortless access to a diverse pool of seasoned experts, allowing you to tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience remotely. Facing intricate challenges? Seeking innovative ideas? Need to validate your strategic direction? Look no further – “Advice On-Tap” is designed to be your beacon of reliable recommendations and refreshing viewpoints. It goes beyond addressing known challenges; it unveils answers to questions you didn’t even know existed, propelling you toward insightful decisions.

Embracing this novel approach to advisory support, our clients find it remarkably simple to quickly find the answers they seek, all while enjoying the convenience of having our resources at their fingertips. Our commitment to confidentiality and unwavering quality underscores every interaction, making “Advice On-Tap” not merely a service, but cementing our position as a partner dedicated to catalysing your journey to success. As you navigate complexities, we stand alongside you, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence. With “Advice On-Tap” the future of advisory is here – agile, accessible, and attuned to your unique needs.

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