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Transform service delivery and your business processes with us! Our expert team delivers innovative support and proven outcomes. Collaborating closely with our clients, we tailor strategies, drive transformation and share knowledge to help make improvements that have real-life impacts.

Stephen Repton

Founder & CEO


With a down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach when it comes to leading complex business change, Stephen is well versed in delivering a variety of transformation projects across several sectors. He has a particular focus on strategy development, strategic risk management and technology alignment. This experience has enabled him to fulfil his passion of helping people and organisations to improve services, and to deliver exceptional experiences for customers and colleagues alike.

The wealth of knowledge he has gained over his 20+ years working across several industry sectors, allows him to apply a ‘think different’ approach. His ability to generate new ideas that deliver improvement initiatives don’t just support organisations, they help our clients to build solid foundations for years to come.

Steve is a massive advocate for continual learning and growth. He believes strongly that the key to success is sharing knowledge and developing others. He is able to provide appropriate scrutiny and support when needed, which is proven by the fact that one of his many achievements includes being a co-opted board member on a social housing advisory board.

However, Steve isn’t just all work and no play! When he isn’t helping transform organisations, he is spending quality time with his family, travelling or exploring the great outdoors. As an avid skier and sailor, his motto to live by is…life is too short, so live it!

Elaine Repton

Non-Executive Director

Elaine is a valuable member of our team, serving as a non-executive director. With over 20 years of experience in the social housing sector. She has developed a deep understanding of working with boards and executive teams. Her expertise extends to providing guidance on corporate governance and risk management, which greatly contributes to our success.

In recent years, Elaine has expanded her horizons by working with a national NHS body. In this role, she continues to offer her insights on corporate governance and business assurance, while also taking the lead in risk management and counter fraud. Her ability to adapt her skills across different sectors highlights her versatility and commitment to excellence.

Apart from his professional achievements, his passion for music and DJing adds another layer to his personality, showcasing his creative side and his ability to engage in diverse interests. He brings a wealth of technical expertise, creativity, and dedication to our team and the work which we deliver.

Beyond her professional achievements, Elaine is a dedicated family person. She cherishes her time spent with family and friends, particularly her son James. Outside of work, she embraces her love for travel, exploring new places, and enjoying dining experiences. Her passion for handbags reflects her individuality and personal style. Elaine's multifaceted background makes her a well-rounded and respected member of our team. We greatly appreciate her contributions and continued involvement in shaping our organisation.

James Yurky

Chief Operating Officer


James has over 20 years of experience in providing advisory consultancy. He takes a holistic approach to his work and benefits from a deep understanding of change and organisational psychology. This, coupled with his expert knowledge of service redesign, allows him to effortlessly perceive the needs of our clients and their teams, effectively supporting organisations within their transformation journeys.

People focused is one of the best ways to describe James. He has a fantastic ability to consider and deduce everyone’s individual motivations. His bold approach allows people and organisations to take an alternate view, equipping them with the knowledge needed to do the right things, at the right time. Guiding and supporting our clients through the process of change, James helps to design joined-up, future-fit services that deliver real-life tangible business outcomes and benefits.

Working closely with our clients and our team overseeing and delivering engagements, his unwavering commitment to achieving optimal outcomes has assisted a great number of organisations with the successful delivery of their strategic objectives.

When he’s not working, James enjoys spending time with his family (this includes his dog Becca!) He also has a love for fine dining and if he’s not sampling the worlds’ delicacies, he is adding to his growing jacket and shoe collection.

Katie Fradley



It was at university where Katie discovered her love of projects and since graduating, she has worked as a project manager, project coordinator and senior PMO across several sectors. She is an expert in the art of data manipulation and interpretation; this impressive ability was no doubt aided by her university studies in 2018 (where she graduated with first class honours in Science!).

Using a methodical and logical approach, Katie can retrieve and translate complex information to identify areas of improvement for our clients. Using her creative flare, she easily presents detailed findings back in layman’s terms and her use of visual aids ensures a cohesive understanding within the work she delivers.

An ability to quickly adapt to any situation, enables Katie to comfortably liaise with stakeholders at all levels to establish a rich and deeper understanding of their requirements. This, coupled with her proficiency in the use of project management tools and her ability to meticulously plan and effectively manage risks and issues, ensures robust governance, quality assurance and end-to-end communication within each client engagement that she delivers.

Katie prides herself on her organisational skills and critical eye. Her determination to ensure quality and do the best she can to support people and help projects remain on track, is reflected in how she works with teams, stitching projects together to achieve desired outcomes.

Outside of work Katie enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys going to the gym but if she’s not working out, she is most likely at one of the many music festivals she loves to attend. Katie and music go together like a project and RAID log!

Lucy Smith



Lucy is a self-confessed ‘Process Queen’ which she largely attributes to her background and experiences in the legal sector. She works logically and diligently through issues, always maintaining a focus on objectives. She is guided by curiosity within the work that she delivers and is never afraid to ask probing questions when needed. When Lucy works on an engagement there is guaranteed to be robust governance in place.

Delivering a variety of engagements for our clients, she believes that collaboration is key when helping businesses prioritise their actions to achieve their goals. She is a big-picture thinker and uses her alternate perspective to help build visions of potential opportunities that lie ahead. Lucy is heavily involved with the discovery side of our engagements and her workshops always yield gratifying outcomes due to her positivity and innate ability to put people at ease.

Lucy is not just committed to delivering exceptional outcomes for clients, she believes strongly in her own self-development and constantly strives to seek out ways to improve both personally and professionally. Her determination to help others drives her and she is persistent in her efforts to create opportunities that add value. If she is not off on a city break, you will find her online shopping or with her head in a book. Lucy’s mantra in life is that you can never be over-dressed or over-educated! She regularly keeps the team and the people we work with in good spirits with her motivational speeches and inspirational quotes!

Caithlin Knox

Client Relationship Manager


With a natural talent for nurturing and maintaining lasting relationships, Caithlin is a real people person. Her enthusiasm for continual improvement is reflected in her ability to get to the core of issues by prompting thought-provoking questions and laying the groundwork for change.

She works seamlessly with the rest of our team and clients, spotlighting opportunities that will yield impactful and positive results all around. Caithlin benefits from her expertise in customer care and uses her unique perspective to add depth to our client outreach. She is a key player in helping to solidify One Consulting’s position as a trusted partner within the sectors that we operate.

Caithlin is driven by the goals of creating synergy, improving culture and delivering excellent service. She is devoted to developing meaningful relationships and getting to the root cause of key organisational challenges. She helps to identify how our support can underpin and drive change and she provides a level of client support which demonstrates the benefits of our ‘work together’ and ‘one team’ values.

Outside of her professional life Caithlin has a love for travelling, exploring new places and she is a foodie. Immersing herself in different cultures and broadening her horizons is one of the reasons that she can bring fresh perspectives and new ways of thinking!

Sam Davies

Marketing Executive


Sam is our creative expert and has his finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to ongoing and emerging trends. His background consists largely of online campaigns and digital advertising, this knowledge is paramount in enabling us to forge a path through this present era of digital communication.

With a great ability to keep pace in the ever-changing climate of marketing and social media, Sam works to further advance and establish our online presence. Using creative media, media management and the development of strategic marketing plans, he highlights the many challenges faced by organisations. He actively promotes the value of our people and our work, demonstrating how we can help our clients to deliver positive change within their own organisations.

His work is not just limited to online; Sam sets up our events enabling our people make an even bigger, more positive impact within the sectors that we support. His enthusiasm and passion for his role allow him to communicate our services and support us in our journey to build trust and relationships with everyone that we engage with.

Although his work is largely online, in the real-world Sam is all about health and fitness and he regularly puts the rest of the team to shame during activity-related ‘team time’. He is a photography guru, and his love of men’s fragrances keeps the local department store in business!

Luke Grimes

Digital Consultant

Luke is an incredibly talented and dedicated individual with a strong background in software development and technology. He plays a key role in leading the maintenance and enhancement of systems, as well as implementing technology strategies and roadmaps. His creation of our SaaS solution Timeline and the ongoing development and maintenance of it, showcase his expertise in creating innovative solutions. Luke's passion for helping organisations and individuals discover and share positive experiences is evident in his work. His ability to simplify processes and make things more efficient aligns well with his goal of creating solutions that are easier, faster, and smarter.

His experience of working with global technology giants like AWS, Microsoft, and Cisco speaks to his high level of skill and expertise. Being able to translate business requirements into technical blueprints and deliver effective solutions demonstrates his capability as a skilled consultant. Although originally from Manchester, UK, his remote work setup from Bogota, Colombia, shows his adaptability and flexibility in working across different locations. His valuable contribution to our team and business makes him an integral part of our organisation.

Apart from his professional achievements, his passion for music and DJing adds another layer to his personality, showcasing his creative side and his ability to engage in diverse interests. He brings a wealth of technical expertise, creativity, and dedication to our team and the work which we deliver.

Sean Walter-Browne

Senior Delivery Consultant


Highly motivated, innovative and adaptable, Sean boasts over 10 years’ of experience in managing complex change projects across multiple sectors. His proactive and supportive approach enables people to work collaboratively to deliver successful business outcomes. His has an innate ability to bring together cross-functional teams in multiple small, medium and large programmes of work.

Skilled in project governance, planning, risk management and stakeholder engagement, his meticulous attention to detail allows him to be the glue that gels change and transformation projects together. Aligning many moving parts to deliver successful outcomes, Sean really enjoys a challenge. His resilient and diplomatic nature allows him to swiftly understand client need and develop strategies and plans to deliver them.

He is credited with building and transforming relationships between clients and their partners, resulting in quality outcomes and strengthened relationships, cutting through barriers and helping to get things done!

Sean is passionate about making a difference to people lives through the work he does. He loves nothing more than delivering a project which has resulted in an improved experience for people, and that has embedded new and more efficient ways of working. Not to forget his recently founded talent of footgolf!

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